Merlin Moncure wrote:
I noticed that enums are not available to be queried as binary through
the protocol.  Is this a known issue?  Too late to fix for 8.3?  This
is kind of a pain, because it forces any query that returns an enum to
return the entire result as text.  afaik, enums are the only POD type
to behave this way.

postgres=# create type foo as enum('foo');

postgres=# copy (select 'foo'::foo) to '/home/postgres/foo.txt' binary;
ERROR:  no binary output function available for type foo

The trouble is that an enum doesn't have an immutable internal binary value.

I guess we could say that the binary value is the integer offset of the value in the enum ordering, and translate it back on input. Providing the binary IO funcs shouldn't be too hard if we do that, unless I'm missing something.



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