Tom Lane wrote:
Also, ____ says that Windows throws an error for ":" in the filename,
which means we needn't.

Windows doesn't fail - but it can do odd things. For example, try:

   C:\> echo hi >foo:bar

If one then checks the directory, one finds a "foo".

Depending on *which* API one uses, the rules may change around a bit - but whatever the situation, as long as you prefix it with a valid path, the ":" is not going to cause you problems.

It might still be a good idea to restrict the names to be SQL
identifiers (ie, alphanumerics and underscores) for future-proofing,
but it wasn't clear whether anyone but me thought that was a good
argument.  I'm willing to make it just be no-dir-separators.
I think it is a good argument.



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