Yeah, I think so. The PL/pgSQL debugger was part of a list of 14-15 features I gave Charles Babcock; not sure why he liked that one, but he did.

Last I talked to Korry, it was ready to go.  No?
If by "ready to go" you mean "has been exercised by a mess o' people", no. If by "ready to go" you mean "has been tested by a few people and compiled on a few platforms", that's where we are now - I would like to see some more testing (especially on platforms other than Windows, Linux, and OS X).

The core of the debugger has been in use for quite some time, but I had to strip out a lot of EDB-specific code and I'd like to see that the result (the open-source version at pgFoundry) holds up well on other platforms.
Josh, any chance you could try it out on Solaris?

            -- Korry

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