The interview made it sound more mainstream. But then it did sound a little disjointed too.
I suspect that it may go more mainstream in a later release, but it seems way too late for 8.3.
Do we know if it going to be distributed with pgAdmin on Windows?
The graphical debugger client is part of pgAdmin (on all platforms I believe - Dave Page can say for sure). I don't know if the server-side stuff will be available in the Win32 installer - Magnus (or Dave), can you comment?

Don't see the tracer, unless I'm missing what you mean.
You're right, it's not in the edb-debugger tarball. If you think you might be interested, I can resurrect it.
Problem with RAISE DEBUGs throughout my plpgsql is that it's either all on or all off. I'd like something more controllable.
How about a PL/pgSQL function such as LOG_MESSAGE( message TEXT, level ENUM, facility ENUM )? Just a thought...

I can see how a plugin would be helpful though too.

         -- Korry

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