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dugong has been failing contribcheck repeatably for the last day or so,
with a very interesting symptom: CREATE DATABASE is failing with

The reason for that is that I've been trying to switch from 9.1 to 10.0 version of the ICC compiler. A month ago, I've tried for the first time, discovered a segfault due the bug in ICC, submitted it to Intel. Lately Intel fixed it in icc 10.0.026. And in last several days I tried to make the new version work with postgres. From the first impression it worked, so I upgraded the compiler for the buildfarm, but the buildfarm failed.

Few notes:
1) without the --enable-cassert everything works
2) with --enable-cassert it, the only thing that fails in the tests is contrib-installcheck... 3) And recently I tried to compile PG also with -O0 flag, it actually worked.
4) Also, just now I tried to compile PG 8.2.4 and the same problem occurs.

So for me the most probable explanation is the ICC bug, but unfortunately since it is not a pure segfault, it is a bit hard for me to tackle...

So, I can either completely switch back to 9.1 and forget it, or we can try to find or at least localize this bug(if it is ICC fault). But to do that, I need some advices/help, how to do it better...

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