Well, the first thing I'd suggest is trying to localize which Assert
makes it fail.  From the bug's behavior I think it is highly probable
that the problem is in fsync signalling, which puts it either in
bgwriter.c or md.c.  Try recompiling those modules separately without
cassert (leaving all else enabled) and see if the problem comes and
goes; if so, comment out one Assert at a time till you find which one.

Actually ... another possibility is that it's not directly an Assert,
but CLOBBER_FREED_MEMORY that exposes the bug.  (This would suggest
that the compiler is trying to re-order memory accesses around a pfree.)
So before you get into the one-assert-at-a-time test, try with
--enable-cassert but modify pg_config_manual.h to not define

It seems that neither undefining CLOBBER_FREED_MEMORY, nor disabling casserting for md.c and bgwriter.c helps.... The contrib-installcheck still fails.

I disabled casserting for md.c and bgwriter.c by inserting
in the top of the md.c and bgwriter.c exactly after the inclusion of postgres.h, but before other includes. (I think it is the right way to do it)

My configure flags:
./configure --enable-cassert --enable-depend --enable-debug --enable-nls --enable-integer-datetimes --with-libxml LDFLAGS='-lirc -limf' --enable-depend --prefix=/home/math/cvs/install/ CC=ic


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