Tom Lane wrote:
> Teodor Sigaev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> It seems to me last run 
>> (
>> points to problem with hash implementation.
>>    SELECT to_tsvector('thesaurus_tst', 'one postgres one two one two three 
>> one');
>> + NOTICE:  thesaurus word-sample "the" is recognized as stop-word, assign 
>> any 
>> stop-word (rule 8)
>> At this place of tsdicts test dictionary thesaurus should be already loaded 
>> and 
>> initialized, but this NOTICE points that thesaurus was initialized here.
> I just realized what that probably is actually from: there was a cache
> invalidation event sometime between when thesaurus was initially loaded
> and when this statement tried to use it, so the ts_cache entry had to
> be reloaded.  The parallel regression tests are quite capable of
> provoking sinval queue overflows (and ensuing cache resets) at fairly
> random places.
> It is not good design to have any user-visible behavior that occurs during
> a cache load, because you can't predict when those will happen.  Perhaps
> this NOTICE should not be emitted, or should be emitted from some other
> place.
> (In fact, this test ought to be failing right now on whichever buildfarm
> machine is supposed to be testing CLOBBER_CACHE_ALWAYS.  Which animal
> was that again?)

fwiw - I managed to trigger that exact same regression failure during my
testing of the pltcl patch on quagga too ...


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