It seems to me last run ( points to problem with hash implementation.

*** ./expected/tsdicts.out      Tue Sep 11 20:05:23 2007
--- ./results/tsdicts.out       Tue Sep 11 20:18:38 2007
*** 301,306 ****
--- 301,307 ----
        lword, lpart_hword, lhword
        WITH synonym, thesaurus, english_stem;
  SELECT to_tsvector('thesaurus_tst', 'one postgres one two one two three one');
+ NOTICE: thesaurus word-sample "the" is recognized as stop-word, assign any stop-word (rule 8)

At this place of tsdicts test dictionary thesaurus should be already loaded and initialized, but this NOTICE points that thesaurus was initialized here.

ERROR:  too many active hash_seq_search scans

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