"Andrew Dunstan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Tom Lane wrote:
>> No.  We have a function overloading system, we should use it.
> In general I agree with you.
> What's bothering me here though is that in the two argument forms, if the 
> first
> argument is text the second argument is the destination encoding, but if the
> first argument is a bytea the second argument is the source encoding. That
> strikes me as likely to be quite confusing, and we might alleviate that with
> something like:
>  text convert_from(bytea, name)
>  bytea convert_to(text, name)
> But if I'm the only one bothered by it I won't worry.

I tend to agree with you. We should only use overloading when the function is
essentially the same just tweaked as appropriate for the datatype, not when
the meaning is different.

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