On Friday 21 September 2007 13:02, Tom Lane wrote:
> I wrote:
> > Dunno about "more general", but your idea reduces the runtime of this
> > example by about 50% (22.2s to 10.5s) for me.  I'm worried though that
> > it would be a net negative in more typical situations, especially if
> > you've got a lot of open subtransactions.
> Actually ... the only way that TransactionIdIsCurrentTransactionId can
> take a meaningful amount of time is if you've got lots of
> subtransactions, and in that case your own subxids cache has certainly
> overflowed, which is likely to force TransactionIdIsInProgress into the
> "slow answer" path.  But if we use TransactionIdIsCurrentTransactionId
> to handle our own xids then we can just ignore MyProc altogether inside
> the loop, thus very possibly (if we are the only overflowed-subxids proc)
> saving us from going through the slow answer path.  So on reflection
> I can't see how this isn't a win.  I'll clean it up and apply it.

Just curious, but does this apply to subtransactions that are the result of 
plpgsql try...exception blocks? And how many is lots? Presumably looping 50k 
times in a single procedure would be enough? 

Robert Treat
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