> > Attached is a modified version to implement both of these.  I also
> > out if there was surplus input.  I tried an optimization of
allocating a
> > separate buffer for outputting the zeros, to avoid repeated memset
> > It didn't seem to make a very big difference; do you think it's
> > cluttering the code with that?
> Would it work to just ftruncate the file?

We would need to teach recovery to accept a short file if the last
record is a
valid switch log XLOG record. RestoreArchivedFile currently bails out if
the file
size is not XLogSegSize.

We need to make exact checks though, or this would reduce reliability.
(e.g. a short file must have records up to the very end)

The probably useful next step would be to pass the current length to the
so it can write the filled part of the file without the need for a


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