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> By the way, I realize that the error messages are still lame.
> I'm going to do something about that.
Attached is a version as good as I know how to get it.
It works for us, so barring any problems as we use it, I'm done.
I confirmed with management that this code can be contributed to the
PostgreSQL community at large.  It was written by myself as an employee
of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Consolidated Court Automation Programs.
It is is distributed under the terms of the license of the University of
California as currently referenced here:
The only other code I looked at to derive technique was also distributed
under that license.  I gratefully acknowledge the examples provided by the
authors of the code I examined: Tom Lane and Kevin Fall; although any
errors are my own.
I hope that others may find this filter useful.
-Kevin J. Grittner

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