Stephen Frost wrote:
I'm for bumbing. Because if we use same number it also means that new binary will able to use old library. But if there are two new functions number must be increased. Standard practice how ELF loader works is following:

Each library could have tree numbers libxxx-X.Y.Z. Loader/Linker ignores Z number. It means any binaries can be linked e.g. with X.Y.Z+1 or X.Y.Z-1. This is used for bugfixing. Middle number Y means that binaries which requires Y can also use Y+1 (and linker takes it), but not Y-1. It is used for adding new thing into interface - backward compatible. Change in major number X means it is not backward compatible libraries.

Right, so bump the minor and leave the major (and the overall 'soname')
the same.

In PostgreSQL perspective, we use only major number. We can increase main number (X) or best way is add Y and keep major number same. But I don't know if it is possible in current infrastructure and if it will work everywhere.

I'm confused by this.  I see both in Makefile.shlib and on my system
that we have a minor version so I don't entirely follow when you say "we
use only major number".

I'm Sorry for confusion, I overlooked it. You have right. Unfortunately struct Port has been modified and by my opinion it means we must bump major version. See;r2=1.63


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