Tom Lane wrote:
> * Do we bump the .so major version number for libpq?  I think we should
> because there are two new exported functions since 8.2, and on at least
> some platforms there's nothing else than major number to disambiguate
> whether a client needs these or not.  Comments?

I'm not very familiar with library versioning, but the modern solution
is to use symbol versioning. In that scheme, a backwards-compatible
change, like adding new functions, requires a bump of the minor version
number only. I believe all major modern platforms supports symbol

At runtime, the dynamic linker checks that the major version matches the
one the appliction is compiled with, and that the version number on each
symbol is the same or newer than the one the application was compiled with.

I don't know what's required from the build system to support that, but
I can find out if no-one else volunteers.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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