Simon Riggs wrote:
On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 17:55 -0400, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Simon Riggs wrote:
That close to
release, only Core members should be doing that and Jan is Core.

My understanding (not being a member :-) ) is that Core is an administrative group, not a group of committers. Some members of Core are committers, some not, some committers are in Core, some not.

By observation, all committers are not equal. If they are equal then we
must censure others also, as well as Jan, but I see no need personally.
If they are not equal, then Jan deserves extra leeway, IMHO. Either way,
we should not focus just upon Jan, especially when so many will thank
him for his actions.

I think this project has got too big for us to make things up as we go along. We need to follow processes that are well understood and transparent.

I have tried not to concentrate on Jan in this discussion. It could be argued, however, that contrary to being the recipients of extra slack, core members have a special responsibility to set a good example.



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