On 10/9/2007 5:13 PM, Bruce Momjian wrote:
Jan Wieck wrote:
On 10/9/2007 4:22 PM, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Jan Wieck wrote:
>> > I don't see how timing has anything to do with this.  You could have
>> > added it between beta1 and beta2 after sufficient hackers discussion. >> > Doing it the way you did with no warning, right before beta, and then
>> > leaving is the worse of all times.  I am surprised we are not backing
>> > out the patch and requiring that the patch go through the formal review
>> > process.
>> > >> > This is not the first time you have had trouble with patches. There was
>> > an issue with your patch of February, 2007:
>> > >> > http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2007-02/msg00385.php
> You have had only a few commits in 2007, and there have been two
> problems.  That ratio seems too high to me, hence my questions above.

You are misrepresenting the situation. The discussion about the commit timestamp, where you asked for a complete functional specification of a multimaster replication system based on it before anything should be done feature wise at all, was not about any CVS activity that happened.

Here is a quote of exactly what I had to ask for, which I shouldn't have
had to ask for:

        What I did want to hear is a layout of how the system would work,
        and an exchange of ideas until almost everyone was happy.

        Also, I saw the trigger patch with no explaination of why it was
        important or who would use it --- that also isn't going to fly

        So, to add something, the community needs to hear how it is going to
        help users, because every code addition has cost, and we don't want to
        add things unless it has general utility.  If someone can't explain the
        utility of an addition, I question whether the person has fully thought
        through were they are going.

Not sure where you got the "complete functional specification of a
multimaster replication system".

I go back to my original question, do you understand the process that
has to be followed for patch submission/application, and that it applies
to all of us, including you?   A simple "yes" is all I need to hear.

Yes, Sir.


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