Tom Lane wrote:
> Dave Page <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Tom Lane wrote:
>>> Are you certain that that acceptance actually represents support?
>>> Have you checked that it rejects combinations involving real code
>>> pages (ie, NOT 65001) that don't really work with the locale?
>> It fails with ones that Microsoft have decided don't belong in my
>> language group and therefore aren't installed. It accepts all the others
>> I've tried, but then from the sample I've looked, they all have
>> 0-9a-zA-Z in them so I guess they're all capable of handling English.
> That doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.  Maybe you need to make
> some tests involving a non-English base locale?

Hmm, I'm guessing these probably shouldn't work:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ setlc "Japanese_Japan.28605"
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ setlc "Japanese_Japan.28595"
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ setlc "Russian_Russia.1252"
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ setlc "Russian_Russia.28591"

1252 == WIN1252
28591 == LATIN1
28605 == LATIN9
28595 == ISO8859-5 (Cyrillic)
28597 == ISO8859-7 (Greek)

In fact, it looks like it'll allow me to use anything thats installed,
regardless of whether they're liekly to be compatible.  So much for
trusting setlocale() :-(


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