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> Maybe we could document some regexp, awk script, or similar that strips the
> tsearch stuff from such a table of contents?

Just my .02c for those who will work on migration manual.

In my case, all tsearch2 stuff was kept (before 8.3) in separate
schema, namely "tsearch2". So, in 8.2, I had tsearch2.tsvector and
tsearch2.tsquery data types and so on.

During restoration to 8.3 I've catched segfaults -- during INSERTs
into tables with "tsearch2"."tsvector" columns. What helped me is the
following procedure:
  1. restore schema only;
  2. restore data with replacing "tsearch2"."tsvector" datatype to "tsvector":
    sed -e 's/tsearch2\.tsvector/tsvector/g' DATADUMP | psql DBNAME
  3. drop "tsearch2" schema since it isn't needed anymore.

After that -- everything works normally.
My case is specific since I use separate schemas for every single
contrib module.
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