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> The indent was to say we got a lot done in
> one year.  You have a suggestion?
My suggestion would be to stay away from statements about the speed
of development and focus on the user benefits of the release.
Before my previous post I asked a manager to read the statement and
let me know what he thought, and he said that it "sounds great if it
works" but that it sounded like something was being rushed into
production, which in his experience always meant a lot of bugs.  I
think everyone who contributed to these major improvements deserves
to be proud of their productivity, but it's hard to talk about that
in public without generating the wrong impression.
Come to think of it, a statements about high productivity, valuable
contributions, and community effort all spin OK.  I would stay away
from "heroic effort," though, as it is used in a negative way in
some "agile programming" documents.
Again, above all, focus on answering the question:
"What benefit do I get from moving to this release?"

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