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> People don't want the ICU or glibc data and there's no other source as
> readily available.
> Perhaps we should fix that problem, rather than making more
> workarounds.

Fix the problem by making ICU a smaller less complex dependency? 
Or fix the problem that glibc isn't everyone's libc?

I think realistically we're basically waiting for strcoll_l to become
standardized by POSIX so we can depend on it.

Personally I think we should just implement our own strcoll_l as a wrapper
around setlocale-strcoll-setlocale and use strcoll_l if it's available and
our, possibly slow, wrapper if not. If we ban direct use of strcoll and other
lc_collate sensitive functions in Postgres we could also remember the last
locale used and not do unnecessary setlocales so existing use cases aren't
slowed down at all.

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