Hi, I'm calling an arbitrary user-defined function from the backend. Although I can do it via FunctionCallInvoke, I have a weird problem when calling fmgr_info. The call results in a argument variable (eventType) being cleared. A gdb hardware watch says that the variable is modified by fmgr_info_cxt_security (fmgr.c:185): "finfo->fn_extra = NULL"; Any ideas of what is happening?

For simplicity, in the following snippet I have hardcoded foid to some
(PGPSQL) function id and removed the rest of the call-related statements.

static void execEventTypeFunc(char *eventType, Oid funcId)
        FmgrInfo *finfo;
        FunctionCallInfoData fcinfo;
        Datum           result;
        Oid foid = 17283;

        finfo = (FmgrInfo *) palloc0(sizeof(FmgrInfo));

        fmgr_info(foid, finfo);



Luis Vargas

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