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> Hi,
>       I went through this article and it was good. Please have a look at it.
> http://www.databasecolumn.com/2007/09/one-size-fits-all.html
> This article was written by Michael Stonebraker, considered to be the
> founder of our database. He has mentioned that the DBMS designed in 1970s
> haven't changed according to the change that has happened in Hardware
> landscape. The Vertica database(Monet is a open source version with the same
> principle) makes use of the very same principle. Use more disk space, since
> they are less costly and optimize the data warehousing.

Sorry, but quoting Stonebraker (who has a *financial* interest in his
statement), is pointless.  Similarly, you can't directly compare his
concepts to your case.

IMHO, you're trying to get buy-in.  In this group, unless you have a
patch that proves something, you're generally out of luck.  My
suggestion is to start coding.  You will find, as I did, that DSM is a
better solution.

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