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> http://www.databasecolumn.com/2007/09/one-size-fits-all.html

> > > The Vertica database(Monet is a open source version with the same
> > > principle) makes use of the very same principle. Use more disk space,
> > > since they are less costly and optimize the data warehousing.

> What i  meant there was, it has duplicated storage of certain columns of the
> table. A table with more than one projection always needs more space, than a
> table with just one projection. By doing this they are reducing the number
> of disk operations. If they are duplicating columns of data to avoid reading
> un-necessary information, we are duplicating the snapshot information to
> avoid going to the table.

Was this about Vertica or MonetDB?  I saw that article a while ago,
and I didn't see anything that suggested Vertica duplicated data, just
that it organized it differently on disk.  What are you seeing as
being duplicated?

(This is orthogonal to the current thread; I'm just curious.)

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