On Oct 18, 2007, at 11:17 PM, Joe Conway wrote:
Decibel! wrote:
Is it intentional that dblink's unnamed connections don't get re- used?


stats=# select dblink_connect('dbname=stats');
(1 row)
stats=# select dblink_connect('dbname=postgres');
(1 row)

AFAIK there's no way I could possibly use or refer to the connection to stats at this point; so why doesn't dblink close it when I issue the second connect?

Why doesn't C free allocated memory automatically if you reassign a pointer?

No one has ever complained before, so I can't imagine that the resource leak is much of an issue in real world cases. But if you don't like the behavior, patches are gratefully accepted ;-).

Seriously though, I can change it for 8.3, but is it really worth back-patching?

I think it'd be worth changing for 8.3. While C forces you to worry about memory, SQL does not, so I bet this is a surprise to most folks.

It might be worth backpatching the docs, because they're wrong.
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