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> Hi all, I'm working for a brazillian company developing and
> maintaining a ERP sw that uses PostgreSQL as it main OLTP database
> system. We're just to start the migration to IBM DB2 because of many
> performance issues. I searched the solution for these performance
> problems, and can't find anything on the other web foruns. 

If you are migrating to DB2 then I'm guessing you'll have spent some
time discussing things with a DB2 consultant/pre-sales guy. I've noticed
they've started to implement some PostgreSQL features now and probably
have a list of "Ten Questions to Ask the PostgreSQL Community". It's a
standard sales technique. I bet they haven't mentioned the things that
Postgres does better than DB2 and that they are playing catch-up on. 

If you are having problems with PostgreSQL you should do a little more
than search the forums. If you want to compare two products then you
shouldn't just ask an expert in one product, you should ask an expert in
each product. I'm available to help, but so are many others; my
understanding is that the Brazillian PostgreSQL community has many good
people. You may need to pay for the advice, but remember the pre-sales
advice on DB2 isn't free either, you just pay for it later.

The database schema you describe is very likely to be within the
capabilities of PostgreSQL on reasonable hardware. Limiting your
hardware so you can use the free version of DB2 could well put a strain
on your implementation. I would also note that running any database
using RAID-0 is going to lose your data fairly soon, whichever database
you choose.

I hope that helps your general issues.

  Simon Riggs
  2ndQuadrant  http://www.2ndQuadrant.com

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