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> a) I didn't see a reindex in your mail.  That's why a backup and a
> restore work and a vacuum doesn't
> Do this at least daily with that many inserts


I'am sorry to say that this advice does not sound correct.

He is talking about 10,000 transactions and 15,000 new rows per
table/day. This should not require a daily reindex of 12 indexes. It has
to be something else and more information will help to find the problem.

1GB ram sounds maybe to little for a 40GB+ database. It is difficult to
say more without knowing more about the EXPLAIN output for the selects
with problems. It would be good too to know some of the memory values in

I can count with one hand the times that I have had to run a reindex to
fix something in the past years. We have databases with 9millons+
transactions and 2millons+ inserts/updates a day and we have never had
to run a reindex to get a good performance

PS.- RAID-0 for a database is a disaster waiting to happen.

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