Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Tom Lane wrote:

>> Actually, looking at the examples so far, I'm thinking we should just
>> consider the string up to the first _, period.

I studied the standards a bit to see if they mandated that the locale
names must be in the form "language_COUNTRY", and couldn't find
anything.  Which makes me think it's mostly by (very well established)
convention.  I think trying to parse the _ should not be done on a first

>> An alternative is to try to match the full locale (es_ES) and then try
>> the language (es) if that wasn't found.  That would leave room to put
>> country-by-country exceptions in, but for the moment we'd not have any.
> Can anyone point to a real world example where country by country would 
> make sense? If we need to distinguish flavors of some languages, I would 
> not be at all surprised if this was not by country anyway.

pt_BR versus pt_PT.  I'm not sure if it makes a difference to a stemmer,
but maybe to a thesaurus it does ...

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