Magnus Hagander wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 19, 2007 at 04:51:04PM -0700, Henry B. Hotz wrote:

> > At the risk of diluting my message:  I still think it's a mistake to  
> > call it gss instead of something like gss-noprot.  I believe this  
> > will cause misunderstandings in the future when we get the security  
> > layer of gssapi implemented.
> Well, I don't agree with this, but if others want it changed, it can
> certainly be changed. And it can only be changed *now*, and not once we
> release.
> But we have "host" and "hostssl", not "hostnossl" and "host". So the way we
> are donig it now is IMO more consistent with what we have in other parts of 
> pg.

Actually we have "hostssl", "hostnossl" and "host".

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