I'm trying to solve one TODO item mentioned in src/backend/utils/mmgr/mcxt.c.

 * MemoryContextSwitchTo
 *              Returns the current context; installs the given context.
 * This is inlined when using GCC.
 * TODO: investigate supporting inlining for some non-GCC compilers.

Everything works fine with Sun Studio instead of zic and ecpg compilation. The problem there is that palloc.h defines CurrentMemoryContext which is declared in mcxt.c. And palloc.h is included by postgres.h.

Unfortunately zic and ecpg break the rule which is mentioned on many places and they include postgres.h. Linker is looking for CurrentMemoryContext because inlined function requires it. This problem disappears when -xO3 is enabled and SS optimizes a code. But it cannot be use in general.

I fixed it for zic, but problem with ecpg is that it includes nodes/primnodes.h and it requires Datum type definition which is defined in postgres.h. :(

By my opinion Datum should be defined in separate file and all headers which use this type should include it. (this is problem on many places with another types). Another question is why ecpg needs it?

                Any comments how to fix ecpg?


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