Tom Lane wrote:
Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I fixed it for zic, but problem with ecpg is that it includes nodes/primnodes.h and it requires Datum type definition which is defined in postgres.h. :(

Why in the world is ecpg including either primnodes.h or postgres.h?

The problem is that ecpg shares parser.c source code and this code includes postgres.h.

By my opinion Datum should be defined in separate file and all headers which use this type should include it. (this is problem on many places with another types). Another question is why ecpg needs it?

Datum is a type that no frontend code has any business dealing in;
and the same goes for everything in primnodes.h.

I'd suggest trying to fix ecpg to not depend on backend-only include

Yes, agree. I'm now testing my fix. I removed postgres.h from parser.c + performed some other changes around.


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