Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Michael Paesold wrote:
>>> Shouldn't we rather support the regular usage pattern instead of the 
>>> uncommon one? Users doing a lot of schema changes are the ones who 
>>> should have to work around issues, not those using a DBMS sanely. No?
>> Unfortunately, doing lots of schema changes is a very common phenomenon. 
>> It makes me uncomfortable too, but saying that those who do it have to 
>> work around issues isn't acceptable IMNSHO - it's far too widely done.
> Well, there's going to be pain *somewhere* here, and we already know
> that users will find the current 8.3 behavior unacceptable.  I'd rather
> have autovacuum not make progress than have users turn it off because it
> gets in their way too much.  Which I think is exactly what will happen
> if we ship it with the current behavior.

exactly - 8.3 will be the first release with autovac enabled by default
(and concurrent autovacuuming) and we really need to make sure that
people wont get surprised by it in the way I (and others) did when
playing with Beta1.
So my vote would be on cancelling always except in the case of a
wraparound vacuum.


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