Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Taking this one to -hackers once and for all now...
> Can you try the attached patch? See how many backends you can get up to.

Regression tests run just fine, and I've run multiple pgbench runs with
3 and 4 sessions of 100 connections each*, with pgAdmin monitoring
things at the same time. Saw up to 403 simultanteous connections in
pg_stat_activity, and the system remained stable and responsive, albeit
somewhat slower than normal.

So, 400 connections on a 2.33GHz MacBook Pro running XP Pro with 2GB RAM
- thats not too shabby :-)


* For those that weren't peering over Magnus' or Greg's shoulder during
various IM discussions over the last few days, I've found that the ~125
connection ceiling I was hitting when running from a command prompt was
actually an as yet unsolved problem in pgbench, not the server. Multiple
pgbench sessions seem to run just fine if kept to around 100 connections

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