Dave Page wrote:
> Magnus Hagander wrote:
>> VM size in taskmgr should show that I think, and should show a much
>> smaller footprint now..
> With patch -    4,492K
> Without patch:  28,224K
> Thats with 3 x 100 pgbench connections.

That's nice!

But. That can't be address space usage, it has to be actual memory
usage. Since each thread should chew up 4Mb of address space, and
there's at least two threads in there :-) So looking at the VM column
was obviously not correct.
* looks up some docs*
Right. You need to look at VM size in *process explorer*. VM size in
task manager has nothing to do with VM size, it's the private bytes :-S
And there is no way to see that info from task manager, I think. PE is
your friend.

Anyway. Other than a refresher on those, I'd be interested in two other
important parts:
* How many threads does it reach when you have 300 active backends?
* Is there a handle leak? meaning once your 300 backends have exited,
does the number of handles in the process drop down to the same value it
had before?

(sorry, wish I was in a position to run these tests myself, but I'm not
right now)


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