Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Right. You need to look at VM size in *process explorer*. VM size in
> task manager has nothing to do with VM size, it's the private bytes :-S
> And there is no way to see that info from task manager, I think. PE is
> your friend.
> Anyway. Other than a refresher on those, I'd be interested in two other
> important parts:
> * How many threads does it reach when you have 300 active backends?
> * Is there a handle leak? meaning once your 300 backends have exited,
> does the number of handles in the process drop down to the same value it
> had before?

Without patch:

VM:                     1,322,792K
Idle threads:           6               
Peak threads:           306     
Handles at start:       576
Handles at end:         576

With patch:

VM:                     98,088K         
Idle threads:           3       
Peak threads:           7
Handles at start:       576
Handles at end:         585 (585 again after second run).


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