Do you mean WITH HOLD cursors (+ FOR UPDATE) can also be used to do
DELETE/UPDATE WHERE CURRENT OF (i.e. outside transactions) ?

From my experience this is an Informix-only feature, but if PostgreSQL
supports that it would help a lot to migrate existing applications.

I understand it's not a usual feature - one typically SELECT FOR UPDATE
and DELETE / UPDATE WHERE CURRENT OF in a transaction block.

I will give it a try anyway.

Further, I was wondering if DECLARE CURSOR could be slower as plain
SELECT statements. I will see this rapidly anyway so if someone can
give me some tips about the overhead/cost of moving to DECLARE CURSOR,
it would help me a lot.

Remember I am talking about a driver for our VM = moving to DECLARE
CURSOR would apply to all SELECT statements used in an application.


Florian G. Pflug wrote:
Sebastien FLAESCH wrote:
Forget this one, just missing the WITH HOLD option... Must teach myself a bit
more before sending further mails. Seb

AFAIK you cannot use "WITH HOLD" together with updateable cursors.
I might be wrong, though...

regards, Florian Pflug

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