Just found this in the doc:

"WITH HOLD may not be specified when the query includes FOR UPDATE or FOR SHARE"

Here is what the Informix doc says about WITH HOLD + FOR UPDATE:

"It is possible to declare an update cursor with the WITH HOLD keywords,
but the only reason to do so is to break a long series of updates into
smaller transactions. You must fetch and update a particular row in the
same transaction."

However, I believe Informix keeps the locks set by WITH HOLD + FOR UPDATE
cursors, even if a transaction is terminated... locks are released when
the cursor is closed.


Florian G. Pflug wrote:
Sebastien FLAESCH wrote:
Forget this one, just missing the WITH HOLD option... Must teach myself a bit
more before sending further mails. Seb

AFAIK you cannot use "WITH HOLD" together with updateable cursors.
I might be wrong, though...

regards, Florian Pflug

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