Quoting Nat Howard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Using java SDK 1.1.8, which is the current "real" java in the 
> freebsd ports tree, one can't compile the jdbc driver.  The Implementation
> file mentions that "ant" has not been tested with 1.1.X, and suggests
> that the deprecated makefile will work.

I'm targetting this weekend to test the 1.1.x drivers (should have the test 
suite ready by then).

> The errors below are from a java file, and occur whether one uses
> "gmake jdbc1" or "ant" to attempt to build the driver.


> /usr/home/nrh/postgresql/postgresql-
> Missing term.
>     [javac]           if (result != null) &&
> ((org.postgresql.ResultSet)result.reallyResultSet())

Hmmm, I'll look at it shortly, although I've only got 1.3.0 here. Looks like 
something under the common source has broke. I'll compare the JDBC1 & JDBC2 
sources to see how they differ here.

This problem has nothing to do with make or ant.

One thing useful from this report is that ant does run under 1.1.x - the main 
reason I wrote that it's not been tested, I didn't know if it would even work.

Thanks, for the report - a useful one.


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