At 14:12 07/02/01 -0500, Bruce Momjian wrote:
>Thies, we talked at LinuxWorld about improving the reliability of
>persistent PostgreSQL connections in PHP.
>I believe the problem is that persistent connections sometime do not
>pass clean sessions because of open transactions and SET changes to the
>We discussed using 'ROLLBACK' before passing a connection to a new user,
>but the problem was that ROLLBACK with no open transaction causes a
>server log error message.  We discussed adding 'ROLLBACK SILENT' to fix
>this, but I believe a better, more portable solution is a simple "BEGIN
>WORK;ROLLBACK".  This will do nothing if there is no open transaction,
>and will ROLLBACK any open transaction.  I propose this be sent by PHP
>as the first query when passing persistent connections.
>As far as SET changes, does anyone on the PostgreSQL interfaces list
>have a suggestion on how to RESET all session parameters?  Seems we may
>need to add this feature in to the backend.

Some Java apps utilise connection pools so they would possibly benefit. I 
could add the BEGIN WORK;ROLLBACK; to JDBC.


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