Peter T Mount wrote:

> 7.1 has the beginings of an UpdateableResultSet. When I can work out how to
> solve a few fundamental problems it shouldn't take long.
> Here's a few questions for people to see if they can figure it out:
> * How to detect what table a column belongs so. Required if the query was a
> join of 2 or more tables.

As I understand the JDBC spec, you are not supposed to be able to update
through a ResultSet unless several criteria are met by the query, including that the

query is over exactly one table (to avoid problems like these). I don't recall if
the other cases are also prohibited, but that would make the problem easier.

> * How to detect if the query was on a view. Do we support updateable view's?
> (not tried it myself).
> * How to detect if a column was a computed value (ie count(*) or col1+col2 etc).

Greg Speegle
Baylor University

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