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> What is this for? Anything useful in it Peter? 
> I assume some purpose but it just seems to compile and sit around ? ;)

It's my own in house suite of tools for JDBC (both using & developing).

I decided at the start of the year to release them alongside 7.1, and what 
you've seen is where I've prepared where the source is going to live. It's 
under /contrib because it's not part of the JDBC driver as such, and it keeps 
the two sets of source separate.

Now what's in cvs at the moment is some XML core code that I've worked on since 
that decision but the rest should start going in from this weekend.

When completed, theres tools dealing with JDBC (to name a few):

* .properties editor (handles all language variants at once. This makes
  it difficult to miss out individual error messages.
* XML Editor. General purpose tool but useful for the ant config.
* ImportExport - this is a general purpose tool that can handle transfering
  data from one source (JDBC/XML/ASCII/Bean) to another.

There's a lot of other little utility classes, which will go in there 
eventually. The idea of having a single .jar file is that they can be called by 
a users app by simply being in the classpath.

Now why put them into PostgreSQL rather than separately? Well it's because 90% 
of them were written specifically for PostgreSQL (although the core XML stuff 
in cvs already also works fine with Oracle8i), so it seemed the logical place.

The only one of my tools that will not go in is the pdf library. One because 
it's pretty big, but mainly because It's the only one previously released and I 
put that one out on the LGPL (the rest are fresh - never been released, so 
theres no Licence problems). I'm effectively donating them to the postgresql 


PostgreSQL JDBC Driver: http://www.retep.org.uk/postgres/
RetepPDF PDF library for Java: http://www.retep.org.uk/pdf/

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