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> Peter T Mount ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
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> > 
> > Now why put them into PostgreSQL rather than separately? Well it's
> because 90% 
> > of them were written specifically for PostgreSQL (although the core
> XML stuff 
> > in cvs already also works fine with Oracle8i), so it seemed the
> logical place.
> > 
> [deleted text]
> For what it's worth, I use postgresql's existing JDBC driver quite
> a bit and have built up a set of general purpose tools I use
> with it.  I've released them under the IGLU library at:
> http://www.cs.indiana.edu/~trbauer/iglu
> The relevant utilities are in the iglu.jdbc package.  The tools 
> illustrate some things that can be done with postgres, although
> I believe they should work with any jdbc driver.

I'll take a look.

While on the subject, anyone else have tools publicly available? If so please 
email me the urls and I'll put them on the resources pages on the new site.


PostgreSQL JDBC Driver: http://www.retep.org.uk/postgres/
RetepPDF PDF library for Java: http://www.retep.org.uk/pdf/

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