At 22:07 22/02/01 +0100, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
>I've started to finish up the not-marked-up-yet parts of the JDBC
>documentation, but most of this seems to have once been generated by
>javadoc, and I feel like it is probably a wasted effort to try to manually
>convert this to DocBook.

Actually I was waiting until 7.1 was out before rewriting the jdbc docs 
from scratch (so much has changed since those were written).

>AFAIK, there is currently no Javadoc to DocBook converter available.  This
>might be a worthwhile project, though.
>Could we for now remove the formal class documentation from the DocBook
>source, while keeping the narrative parts, and instead point people to the
>JavaDoc?  Could we make prebuild class documentation in HTML available to
>users, maybe where the jars are downloaded?

Already a work in progress. You might be duplicating work already being 
done for the jdbc site.


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