At 16:00 23/02/01 +0000, Thomas Lockhart wrote:
> > Could we for now remove the formal class documentation from the DocBook
> > source, while keeping the narrative parts, and instead point people to the
> > JavaDoc?  Could we make prebuild class documentation in HTML available to
> > users, maybe where the jars are downloaded?
>Works for me. Not sure if we have rules for building javadoc in our
>makefiles, but I'm sure it would be easy to add if necessary. Peter M,
>what do you think?

As I just replied to PeterE, I was waiting for 7.1 to be out before 
rewriting the docs from scratch. I was waiting because of time restraints 
and I didn't want to mess up the exiting docs, especially as I knew you 
needed time before release with the docs static.

What I'm working on for the jdbc site is a set of API docs explaining the 
PostgreSQL specific extensions, and a set of tutorials. The tutorials range 
from the basic stuff (replacing the examples in the source), to writing 
Servlets with PostgreSQL, EJB's, Corba etc.

Now a Javadoc->DocBook converter should be easy. In fact you can get 
javadoc to do it for you using the Doclet API. Should be real easy to do.


>                      - Thomas

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