Peter Mount writes:

>       What it does is add a new option to configure: --with-java
>       This option tells configure to look for ant (our build tool of choice) and
>       if found, it then compiles both the JDBC driver and the new tools as part
>       of the normal make.


>       Also, when the postgresql install is done, all the .jar files are also
>       installed into the ${PGLIB}/java directory (thought best to keep then separate)

Since the Java files are platform independent, the GNU file system
standard would prefer Java files to be installed under $(prefix)/share/.

If we stick with lib/, we should probably be creating a lib/postgresql
subdirectory, like we do in the other subtrees.

Some other thoughts:

Shouldn't the interfaces/jdbc/Makfile be using interfaces/jdbc/build.xml
rather than the one on top?  Is the one on top still needed?

In PGAC_PROG_ANT, it might be worth running the found program to see if it
actually works.  (On a vanilla Linux installation with Kaffe it probably
won't unless the user manually configured the class path.)

If I find some time I'm going to look if I can implement uninstall and
building outside the source tree for the jdbc subtree.

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