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> Peter Mount writes:
> >     What it does is add a new option to configure: --with-java
> >
> >     This option tells configure to look for ant (our build tool of
> choice) and
> >     if found, it then compiles both the JDBC driver and the new tools as
> part
> >     of the normal make.
> Nice!
> >     Also, when the postgresql install is done, all the .jar files are
> also
> >     installed into the ${PGLIB}/java directory (thought best to keep then
> separate)
> Since the Java files are platform independent, the GNU file system
> standard would prefer Java files to be installed under
> $(prefix)/share/.

That is true, but which vars (in configure/Makefile.global etc) define this? 
Also what about the platforms that don't use the GNU FSS?

Anyhow, it's easy as it's defined on one line

> If we stick with lib/, we should probably be creating a lib/postgresql
> subdirectory, like we do in the other subtrees.

Ah, you are getting confused. The java directory is beneath the one install 
makes for postgresql already, not along side, so for example (based on my 
laptop NT/Cygwin):

   /usr/local/pgsql/lib      where PGLIB is
   /usr/local/pgsql/lib/java where the .jars are put.

> Some other thoughts:
> Shouldn't the interfaces/jdbc/Makfile be using
> interfaces/jdbc/build.xml
> rather than the one on top?  Is the one on top still needed?

The top one is used to refer to both src/interfaces/jdbc/build.xml and
contrib/retep/build.xml, that way running ant at the bottom builds the lot.

Originally I was going to get ANT to run from there directly, but found I 
couldn't easily add it into the rest of the build sequence easily, hence why
there's the reference back to the base xml file from interfaces/jdbc.

Perhaps later we can remove that hack and get it working from the base one.

> In PGAC_PROG_ANT, it might be worth running the found program to see if
> it
> actually works.  (On a vanilla Linux installation with Kaffe it
> probably
> won't unless the user manually configured the class path.)

May be for 7.1.1, add a "test" target to the base build.xml file. If it runs, 
then the test passes.

I'm trying to concentrate on many bug fixes (so far none needed - touch wood ;-
) ) getting the tutorials done and porting the tools over (the contrib stuff) 
ready for 7.1.

> If I find some time I'm going to look if I can implement uninstall and
> building outside the source tree for the jdbc subtree.

The one thing I didn't put in there is getting the version numbers out of 
Makefile.global. It's just a couple of -D parameters to add to 
interfaces/jdbc/Makefile. build.xml and Driver.java.in already support them.


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