Hello all.

I was hoping someone could help me with the following:

I am trying to install jdbc and I am having some trouble.  I am using the
Linux-Mandrake Distribution (7.2).

First I installed the postgresql-jdbc rpm, but I couldn't find my postgresql.jar
file anywhere (that's supposed to happen right?).  Stumped I copied the source
code into my /opt directory.

I entered the directory /src/interfaces/jdbc.
I typed make jdbc2 jar and received this error:

org/postgresql/Connection.java:1: error:Cannot find type "org/postgresql/Field"
make[1]: *** [org/postgresql/Connection.class] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/opt/postgresql-7.0.2/src/interfaces/jdbc'
make *** [jdbc2] Error 2

I tried a number of things.  I tried building jdbc1 as well.  and I tried
building postgresql myself without using rpms. no luck.  There are 4 jar files
in my /var/lib/pgsql directory.  jdbc-(versionnum)-.jar  I tried compiling a few
java programs using these, but i wasn't able to locate the driver when the
programs were run.  What are those 4 jars used for anyway?

Thanks in advance.
Dax Duskin

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