I'm trying to use JDBC driver for postgres but have a problem with UNICODE.
  I can insert UNICODE values but I can't compare them unless they are under 

  When I try to compare values that are over 00ff always return true : 
   // inserting a Unicode value in the database
   smt.executeUpdate("insert into test values ('\u0123')");

   // not the same unicode value selects the same line !!!
   smt.executeQuery("select * from test where test = '\u0223'");

  (but '\u0064' and '\0034' are not the same :)) 

I compiled the postgres.jar with the jdbc2 and the 7.0.3 version, compiled 
postgresql with --enable-multibyte and created my database with -E UNICODE.

I also use the Properties class to connect to my base to specifie that i wan't 
to use Utf-8.

If you can help me .... thanks.

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