Thanks greatly for all of your help. 

I found that my "unexplained error" with building 7.1 with ant was because I
already had a database
named test in postgress. I just renamed the db in the Build.xml to test2 and
everything went just fine. 

I still can not return a result set with non null values from 7.0-1.2 The
TABLE_TYPE is always null. 
I did make sure to have no nulls in my String [] ,but even when I used a
null in place of the String [] I didn't get the TABLE_TYPE

But it is ok now, I got the 7.1 beta driver working and it is not having any
such problems. :) 

Thanks for your time.


At 03:57 PM 3/12/01 +0000, Peter Mount wrote:
>At 23:39 09/03/01 -0800, Eric Frazier wrote:
>>I am having problems getting info on tables with getTables. I get null
>>returned all of the time.
>Where is it returning null? It should always return a result set.
>>I was using this code
>>//String [] onlytables = new String[3];
>>             //onlytables[0] = "TABLE";
>>             //onlytables[1] = "INDEX";
>>             ResultSet tableRS =
>>/* I had used the String [] onlytables in place of null, but I got
>>         java.sql.SQLException: ERROR:  parser: parse error at or near ")"

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