Title: RE: [JDBC] JDBC Driver Trouble on Linux

Try unjarring the driver, and then jarring it back up again (making sure all the directories are correct) but WITHOUT compression.

$ jar -xvf postgresql.jar
$ jar -cv0f postgresql.jar org

The first command should unpack and unj(t)ar the jar file into an org directory with sub-directories.  The second command packs them all up again with no compression.

This has caused me problems in the past, although I have not gone into it in any depth, so I haven't identified the exact cause, or even exactly when it happens.

Let me know...


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>> From: Klaus Sonnenleiter [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>> Sent: 16 March 2001 13:59
>> Subject: [JDBC] JDBC Driver Trouble on Linux
>> I've installed Postgres on Linux and everything is working
>> great with one
>> exception: I can't get any JDBC drivers to work from a Linux
>> client. I have
>> a test program that connects and retrieves the content of a
>> table. It works
>> without any trouble on Windows and Solaris (connecting to
>> the Linux box).
>> But if I run it on the Linux machine that also has the
>> Postgres database, I
>> get a SQLException that says "No suitable driver". (And yes, the
>> postgresql.jar is in the CLASSPATH, I also tried both binary
>> versions from
>> jdbc.postgresql.org and I tried JDKs 1.1.8_v3 and 1.2.2 with the
>> corresponding driver versions). Did anybody see this before?
>> TIA
>> Klaus Sonnenleiter
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