I do not understand when people say that pg7.03 is out and some are talking
about 7.1. What is the difference anyway? As far as I know 7.03 is the
latest. What about 7.1? I am new to postgreSQL. Can someone please clarify
me? And added to that, if 7.03 is out, does the jdbc support calling stored
procedures? cause when I used Calllable Statments in 7.02, there was an
exception that it was not supported. Please clarify me.



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Quoting Julian Richardson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> I didn't study the code in detail but it looked like there's stuff
> missing
> in the Large Objects API too, so it may not even be possible to use that
> as
> an alternative (I'd rather not anyway, but may have been able to make
> the
> setBinaryStream method call into it behind the scenes to do the work)
> Is there a workaround for this (or preferably a fix for the drivers!!) -
> or
> does it work in pg6.5 as downgrading may be an option?

No, proper stream support was only introduced in 7.1 :-)

> ps. posted a variation on this to the pgsql-bugs list the other day but
> don't know if it got through - hopefully this one will.

I've been ofline for a couple of weeks so I've got a few K of emails to
up with :-(


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